Monday, August 18, 2008

NGI Contest III

The Nuffnang Gift Ideas contest is organized in part by the RealMart online merchandise store, and promises to test the creative thinking and wit of those who choose to participate.

Another idea came to me. This time, it's for all of my fellow friends; especially students.

I have always wanted a headphone that's comfortable to wear. As i am a music lover, i then to cling onto my mp3 for almost half a day. In the end, i would feel the pain in my ear. Not because i've blasted the music too loud.

My Creative MuVo TX FM 256mb

It's because of the earphones. They can be kinda unbearable sometimes, destroying the mood sometimes.

Sometimes, i need music when i do my studies but i can't switch on my radio - because my mum is always doing something which prevents me from bringing the beat to life. So i have to settle with my mp3 and painful earplugs. Sigh.

That's why i chose this amazing gadget!

TDK Headset ST-PR300 -black - ST-PR300

Semi-Pro Hi-Fi Studio Headphone, studio quality sound, Swivel ear cups for DJ applications, adjustable cushioned headband for maximum comfort with in-line volume control, gold plated 3.5mm plug with 6.3mm stereo adaptor and 2.7m cord length, 40mm driver, 103dB of sensitivity and 20-20kHz range of clarity.

Besides that, even without music, this thing will work in another way as well.

If i had this gadget, i would surely have a peaceful study for life! Toodles all.

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