Friday, August 1, 2008

MabelArtWork : Beat of Silence

Picture of the day : Beat of silence.

I've devoted the whole week in doing nothing - didn't have any mood to do anything at all. The weather was hot, and still is, killing all my mood and strength all together. Imagine, i didn't even have the mood to eat, or even sleep! It's really a dread, y'know.

Even if i was on the net, i just sat there, staring into empty space. I guess it was then that the inspiration hit me? Noticing that silence was my only companion then?

From the picture, i am staring downwards. No smile, no contact from the eye - without mood, blank. I chose bright colours, hot colours, for the background because the weather was hot. The circle-effect on the background plays a row in bringing out/revealing the main object of this picture, thus drawing more attention to the right place. The words serves to highlight what the picture has to say.

Gah! I wonder how long this heat is gonna stay. The winds don't seem to help. They just seem to puff all the heat onto my face. Sigh.

Going off with dry sweat.

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