Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lin Dan Tops Chong Wei Again.

An amazing game it was! As this was the first time i've seen the world's top two badminton players play against one another (yes, i have missed all 14 of their matches), it was hard for me to determine who might be the winner. But after the first few points scored by Lin Dan (CHN), i knew that Chong Wei (MSIA), for that night, the winning place wouldn't be his.

Lin Dan aggressively leads ahead of Chong Wei in the score board for the second round. Chong Wei's stress could be seen on his face.

Anyhow, he really did try eventhough he only had 8points for the second round, he had given his best. Most of Lin Dan's marks are gained by either Chong Wei's mistake of hitting the net; which really displeases his coach, or his own jumping smashes. Way to go Chong Wei!

Other than that, he also did manage to defend some of Chong Wei's attacks. I must say, some of Chong Wei's sudden attacks do amaze me. But even so, i was completely awed with Lin Dan's speed; the way he counter attacks Chong Wei with smashes!

And finally, Lin Dan won the gold medal! Another gold for China and Lin Dan remains champion. As for Chong Wei, he gained the silver medal, which i think is good enough to make M'sia proud. Well done Chong Wei!

As a badminton player myself, this game was exceedingly exciting to me because many of the teechniques used by these two have never occured to me before. Not to mention i have learnt some of them too. Too bad i'm not a good player, if not i could try executing those amazing strategies!

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