Saturday, August 30, 2008

Insects and Bugs IV

Remember the picture of the beehive that i've posted in Insects and Bugs? If you can recall, the hive was guarded by hundreds of bees. Not a very pleasant sight for me. I get goose bumps all over at the sight of it!

Anyways, something strange happened. They vanished! Only the hive was left. Don't know about the honey, but yes, the hive is empty! Unguarded! And melting under the heat of the merciless sun!

Before mum could chop down the branch, i decided to take a photo of it first. It was about six to seven feet up high. With the help of a stool, i managed to snap it as close as this!

I tell you, bees are amazing architects! Look at it! Nicely done, i must say!

And look! Honey! Lol. Didn't dare lick it since it might not be clean. It is mixed with the rain water also, i suppose. But i noticed something else.

Yes, it stinks! Urgh. Melt away, melt away!

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