Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Insects and Bugs III

Yes! Those little bumbling creatures are spotted once again! Here i go, sneaking close to 'em to see what i can snap.

I believe these were better than the previous ones that i've taken, 'cause of the perfect lighting i guess?

Some of the pictures of this fella couldn't be posted cause the wings weren't clear. What to do, it wouldn't stay long on one flower. I have to be careful also, fearing that my lenses might accidentally touch it. Wouldn't want any part of me to swell!

This is my favourite. The bee is actually hanging in the air. Though the position of the wings are not really high, i'm lucky enough that it didn't turn out to be blur like the others! Love this!
If only my camera was capable of zooming in a little closer...

As i shot this little creature here, another bee of a smaller size buzzed by. It was blue in color!! I've seen it once, but it was long long time ago. Now i've seen it again! Must have been in a hurry 'cause it didn't bother to stop by. Tsk tsk.

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