Monday, August 18, 2008

Insects and Bugs II

I had just finished lunch when i saw this little guy here a few days back. Steady and still it stood on the dustpan in the kitchen, as if he's some sort a secret spy or something. It gladly became my model of the day. Haha. Therefore, stole a few snapshots of it.

The view from the top.

The back-side view.

And the side view.

I had to almost put my camera on the dustpan to get this shot. And i could feel that the bug was a little threatened. Hehe. 'Cause it broke it's stillness and moved a little. Seeing that it was steady again, i decided to take one more last shot. This time, making use of the greenish background.

Walah! I liked this one. The way it stands makes it look so majestic. Don't you think so? Too bad the picture can't be any bigger. If not, you could really see the color on it's firm body. Really a beauty!

Another picture here taken was this unexpected visitor that came to stay for the night. I didn't expect it to stay still, actually because i thought these creatures were rather sensitive or something like that. The picture is a little tiny bit blurry but still clear enough to see the finest on its wings.

And what do you know, it stood on the right stuff. Lol. It's my dad's Sony Ericsson handsfree(?) i think.

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