Sunday, August 24, 2008

Floral Snapshots VII

I think the only way to get the opportunity of snapping pictures is waking up early in the morning. Gulps. This one's taken at 8.00a.m. when the sun has not popped out.

Yup, it has rained before that's why the leaves are a little damp. Because of that, i feel refreshed myself. Hmm... some leaves are blurred while some are very clear. I wonder why.

This one's just outside of the house. Near the neighbour's territory. I don't really like the sight of the gate at the back. Kills all the natural feel. Bah! Good thang it's all blurred up.

Also outside of the house, this plant stands. This picture's a kinda messy. No idea how to improve it, actually.

This one falls under my favourite-shot group. This flower's kinda hard to reach, not to mention that there were thorns and it was kinda wet also.

I don't know about you, but i feel something special from this picture. Can't get to express it though. Why not you tell me?

By the way, i heard my dad says that a friend of his takes similar shots like these from the jungle/forest. He then sells them. I wonder whether i can do the same?? But how? *wonders*

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