Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Floral Snapshots V

Had nothing else but the eagerness to take more snapshots with my camera, i went outside towards my mum's garden. Sadly, it was a sunny day and i'm no good in snapping under sunlight. Still, i was hungry for more snapshots. So i walked towards the shadier part of the garden. Nothing interesting. I lifted up some tiles, thinking that i might get some bugs but, nope, nobody's home underneath.

So no bugs for today and back to plants. Lol. Seeing the fact that i have almost promoted all of mum's plants, i decided to change a lil. Instead of just snapping the plants, why not fiddle about with the angle-of-shot?

This picture was taken when the tile was lifted. Notice that one half of the leaves are like white? Nope, i was sure that the sun didn't hit it, but somehow................ !? Oh well, i took another shot anyways. This time, aiming towards the part that the tile was shading.

Still not so nice. Sobs. I wanted the blurry effect on the back, like the one from yesterday's post, but...?! Perhaps i should try again in a fair day.

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