Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Floral Snapshots IV

This bunch of pictures are taken from the garden at the backyard. Yes, two gardens. One at the front, the other at the back. Both is of a similar size, i reckon. It's cooler at the back. This time, i used dad's PowerShot A80 to snap these. Used the manual focus mode; adjusted to the range of 10cm.

Orchids. The flower in this pic seems to be dancing those traditional malay dance. To me, that is. It's not very clear, though.

Nice coat, mate! Lol. I do like the natural design of this greeny.

Don't this picture just remind you of a chewing gum? Haha. This one's taken randomly, with the macro focusing mode. Could have been a marvelous picture if i had set a centre point to focus on.

This flower's outside the backyard gate. Lucky me, mum didn't lock the gate so i sneaked out.

And this purple one's the neighbor of the white. I like the effect of the little buds around it. Just what i needed to not make it look awkward.

These are the starfruit tree's maiden flowers. Hoho. Pretty aren't they? Could get a good picture out of this. The angle's the problem. And the bees were buzzing around it. It was a bother.

Ah! So pure! So silky! This one's a difficult flower to capture. I had to try various angles to get the right shot. Squating high and low. But it did paid off. I am quite satisfied with this. Contentment.

Once again, an Orchid. This one's a bigger version; it's as big as my palm! It was in a bunch, so i had to survey it once before i choose the ideal one to shoot.

Am very liking the background of this. I interpret this as: High hopes.

Now i moved on to it's leaves. Hehe. Not a perfect shot, this is.

I kinda like this picture too. It has some sort of mysterious feel that's somehow revealing by the light. But it's really quite hard to identify the object of the picture. Hehe. My bad. Therefore i shall reveal it.

Tada! It's a pot of a long-rooted orchid plant.

And now i shall present my favourite picture of this bunch...

I love this pic. It was the toughest one, i must say. I had to almost lie on the ground to take this, and it's outside of the house - meaning that the ground was carpeted with dirt and soil and sand - mind you. Kneeling was not enough! i had to put both my arms on the floor, with my butt sticking up. Lol. I do hope there were no passer-bys!

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