Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Floral Snapshots III

Oh how i have missed online-ing! Due to the exam season that had been round the corner, i restricted myself to surf the net. Walah! I made it! ( Actually didn't have any mood to go online; that's why. Hoho)

I went snapping pictures of mum's floral babies again! It's just so much fun, despite the fact that i have lost an amount of water due to sweat. But i must say, the weather currently is going crazy. Going up, roasting one's ever so lovely skin, and suddenly dropping to a dead cold degree. It got me sick all over! Sighs.

This shot should have been better. I could have included all the cactus in the picture, but it didn't come to mind at that time. Oh well, I AM hardly a beginner. Lol.

Hmm... I'm not so sure whether this one's a flower or just some colored leafy plant.

Ain't this lil thang cute?? It caught my eye as i was browsing through that area, in search of some insects or somethin'. Sesated cactus; it was the only one there. Probably that's how it caught my attention? Smiles.

Another cactus blooming! Its really quite hard to see a cactus bloom. According to mum, they usually bloom at night. So i was considered to be quite lucky?

I have no idea what this is. Just took it for the fun of it. Hoho. It sure is pretty; this God-knows-what plant.

Nice combination of colors aite? Hmm.. It has kept me thinking; how many types of plants does mum has!?

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