Sunday, August 3, 2008

Floral Snapshots II

It was an early Saturday when i took these pictures, just after mum has finished with her gardening that morning. I took the opportunity of framing some of mum's flowers while the sun hasn't increase its heat, and while inhaling the ever so fresh air of the day.

This isn't a very satisfying picture. Was taken under the shadows of the walls, therefore, not very active looking. Didn't quite like the color anyways.

Was fancying around with the water droplets. If only i had the right angle, it would have been perfect and not blurry.

I took a picture of this flower before. But it was a full five-petaled flower then. Lacking of two petals, unlike the others, but still blooming so beautifully.

No comments on this one. Seems so wrong with the angle, light, placing, etc, etc.

I took some time in selecting the right flower to shoot. They were all bending here and there. Had to twist myself in a way that i may meet this flower face-to-face. This flower looks like it's mocking me with a yawn. Heh~

I found 'his' (because it is purple) 'girlfriend' (because of it is pink) blushing shyly below 'him'. Everytime i see this flower, it makes me think as if it is sticking its tongue out at me. Pfft.

The orchids! They look like they're flying here, skipping and hopping. Also DiGi-like?

The path way.

Join the tips of your pointer finger with your thumb's. Yes, that is roughly the size of this little cactus. Hehe. Clean shot.

Look! A leaf! >.< It was the only one there. How sad?

Combine the previous yellow orchids together, and walah! You will not get one as good as this.

Found this shy fella among the red taboos. Drying off. Dying.

They must have enjoyed their shower. This picture looks so cooling, when in fact the weather is so hot!

How is it like to live in a world where plants dominates over us? It will all be greens. Royal color; green. School uniform; green. All vegetarian, can't affort to kill an animal. Lol.

This is one artistic, weird plant. So paper-plastic-like. And no, i assure you that it is not at all fake.

* * *

I enjoyed myself, really. Why? 'Cause it was SO cooling!

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