Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ASHR Ceremony

A couple of days ago, the sun decided to take a break and poured down his dampness to the drying earth. Very merciful it was.

Anyways, i was trying to get some snapshots of the raindrops or something, but failed. Maybe i wasn't skilled enough or it's my camera that is not powerful enough? Heh. And i ended up shivering all over.

My goosebumps!

Anyways, the postman stopped by and dropped in a letter into the letter box. Made me rush out, with an umbrella of course, to get it. Even caught some moss on my arms. Eeks!

Whaddya know, it's an invitation from KUMON. Yay! I'm going to the ASHR ceremony once again; the Advanced Students Honour Roll Ceremony.

Which means i'll be going to Berjaya Times Square Convention Centre, Manhattan Ballroom at 2nd November! Woots!

Will be looking forward to it! Then on the 4th i'll be heading to Camerons for the Annual Camp! Oh, how exciting! I'm sure to take loads of pictures!!!

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