Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Artwork of Shutter Speed

Was reading a photography related article on the web. It was talking about shutter speed. Though i may not understand it all completely, but i'm quite sure that there is no settings available for it in my PowerShot A530.

A thought came to my mind and exploded the idea of getting a new one. Became rather frustrated with my current one because i couldn't use the manual. Whenever i do so, the shutter speed becomes slow and the effect will be blurry, even though the ISO is low! Yes, i may use the tripod, but it's not very convenient most of the time!

But i decided not to rush because i'm very sure my dad wouldn't be please in hearing the idea of a new camera. Hehe. For the moment, i shall just explore the other features of the camera.

So yeah, i was browsing through this article and it was pretty interesting. The explanations and examples in metaphors, not bad, overall. What caught my attention most was this one picture that was displayed at the shutter speed section. It took my breath away.

Snapshot by Konaboy

Amazing shot isn't it?? The original size is 1000x1000. Not very large, but nevermind about that.

Check out its fine details of the splash! So full of life! One shot that perhaps i will manage to take in a million years!!


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