Saturday, August 30, 2008

3Competitions, Subset of 1Morning

Hectic hectic events for today! Everything in one morning! Pooh!! Reached school at 6.50a.m. today. Waited for the other members of my marching team. When all was here, we rushed to form a last minute formation practice. Only tried it three times or so, and that was it 'cause we didn't have enough time!

Anyways, there were many flaws but we were glad that it was over. But what do you know, we managed to win first prize, despite all the little practices and the many mistakes that had taken place! *Cheers!*

Before the marching competition, me and JuEan had to rush for another competition, which was the Pameran - representing our "Art and Creative Club". Ran round the school looking for Pn. Parimala to confirm our spot and ran once again to shift the selected items to be displayed. It was exhausting alright! This what we displayed.

There are some of the stuffs there that i've made last time.

Like this bottle here.
It was quite frustrating doing this one, probably because it was my first time.

And this canvas of abstract art (the type of art i like best). Yes, i know it's not very nice. Do pardon me because i'm no good with paints! This one turned out to be okay is probably because of my mood. My mood really play a very very important role when i do my artworks.

We got second place for this. I was not very happy with the childish prize for this. I do hope they'll give us the certificate!
After stationing one of my club's member there, we rushed off for the marching competition. Like i said before, it didn't go very well - but oh well, we won first anyways! *Cheers once again!*

Right after marching, we rushed, again, for our cooking competition, representing our "Art and Creative Club" again. I say, i was really out of breath, running here and there. Not to mention that it was really hot especially when i still had my ranger's uniform on! All the other contestants were already there, preparing. We had to, of course, rush. The teacher was kind enough to give us an extra five minute preparation. We made fruit salad.

JuEan was in-charge of making the salad while i did the decorations. Both of our hands were shaky!

There were grapes, honeydews, prawns, red and green apples, pineapples, and carrot. I used eggs and carrots and cucumbers for the decoration on the salad, and tomatoes as little bowls for serving.

Made this little bird with as egg. *wink* Any idea how it is done?

And we finished the salad as our lunch. Didn't win any place for this one, though. But nevermind, because the prize is also very kiddy.

When i reached hope, got myself a cold drink and slept for 4hours. Zzz.. What a day!

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