Saturday, August 30, 2008

3Competitions, Subset of 1Morning

Hectic hectic events for today! Everything in one morning! Pooh!! Reached school at 6.50a.m. today. Waited for the other members of my marching team. When all was here, we rushed to form a last minute formation practice. Only tried it three times or so, and that was it 'cause we didn't have enough time!

Anyways, there were many flaws but we were glad that it was over. But what do you know, we managed to win first prize, despite all the little practices and the many mistakes that had taken place! *Cheers!*

Before the marching competition, me and JuEan had to rush for another competition, which was the Pameran - representing our "Art and Creative Club". Ran round the school looking for Pn. Parimala to confirm our spot and ran once again to shift the selected items to be displayed. It was exhausting alright! This what we displayed.

There are some of the stuffs there that i've made last time.

Like this bottle here.
It was quite frustrating doing this one, probably because it was my first time.

And this canvas of abstract art (the type of art i like best). Yes, i know it's not very nice. Do pardon me because i'm no good with paints! This one turned out to be okay is probably because of my mood. My mood really play a very very important role when i do my artworks.

We got second place for this. I was not very happy with the childish prize for this. I do hope they'll give us the certificate!
After stationing one of my club's member there, we rushed off for the marching competition. Like i said before, it didn't go very well - but oh well, we won first anyways! *Cheers once again!*

Right after marching, we rushed, again, for our cooking competition, representing our "Art and Creative Club" again. I say, i was really out of breath, running here and there. Not to mention that it was really hot especially when i still had my ranger's uniform on! All the other contestants were already there, preparing. We had to, of course, rush. The teacher was kind enough to give us an extra five minute preparation. We made fruit salad.

JuEan was in-charge of making the salad while i did the decorations. Both of our hands were shaky!

There were grapes, honeydews, prawns, red and green apples, pineapples, and carrot. I used eggs and carrots and cucumbers for the decoration on the salad, and tomatoes as little bowls for serving.

Made this little bird with as egg. *wink* Any idea how it is done?

And we finished the salad as our lunch. Didn't win any place for this one, though. But nevermind, because the prize is also very kiddy.

When i reached hope, got myself a cold drink and slept for 4hours. Zzz.. What a day!

Insects and Bugs IV

Remember the picture of the beehive that i've posted in Insects and Bugs? If you can recall, the hive was guarded by hundreds of bees. Not a very pleasant sight for me. I get goose bumps all over at the sight of it!

Anyways, something strange happened. They vanished! Only the hive was left. Don't know about the honey, but yes, the hive is empty! Unguarded! And melting under the heat of the merciless sun!

Before mum could chop down the branch, i decided to take a photo of it first. It was about six to seven feet up high. With the help of a stool, i managed to snap it as close as this!

I tell you, bees are amazing architects! Look at it! Nicely done, i must say!

And look! Honey! Lol. Didn't dare lick it since it might not be clean. It is mixed with the rain water also, i suppose. But i noticed something else.

Yes, it stinks! Urgh. Melt away, melt away!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Floral Snapshots IX

Nevermind the sun this time. It was under covered by the clouds. My 'models' for today is Clover Leaves! Spotted any four leaf clover?

Neh! My mum didn't plant these. They kinda intruded into my mum's garden. Little plants bring little trouble, i guess?

Hmm... missing something it seems. Water droplets! Would have looked even more refreshing!

I hadn't any luck in spotting any four leaf clover. But how about a family of four clovers. Does those count??

It never came to my mind that i could have edited that imperfect pictures instead of chucking them into the Recycle Bin. *knocks head*
What a waste!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Insects and Bugs III

Yes! Those little bumbling creatures are spotted once again! Here i go, sneaking close to 'em to see what i can snap.

I believe these were better than the previous ones that i've taken, 'cause of the perfect lighting i guess?

Some of the pictures of this fella couldn't be posted cause the wings weren't clear. What to do, it wouldn't stay long on one flower. I have to be careful also, fearing that my lenses might accidentally touch it. Wouldn't want any part of me to swell!

This is my favourite. The bee is actually hanging in the air. Though the position of the wings are not really high, i'm lucky enough that it didn't turn out to be blur like the others! Love this!
If only my camera was capable of zooming in a little closer...

As i shot this little creature here, another bee of a smaller size buzzed by. It was blue in color!! I've seen it once, but it was long long time ago. Now i've seen it again! Must have been in a hurry 'cause it didn't bother to stop by. Tsk tsk.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Artwork of Shutter Speed

Was reading a photography related article on the web. It was talking about shutter speed. Though i may not understand it all completely, but i'm quite sure that there is no settings available for it in my PowerShot A530.

A thought came to my mind and exploded the idea of getting a new one. Became rather frustrated with my current one because i couldn't use the manual. Whenever i do so, the shutter speed becomes slow and the effect will be blurry, even though the ISO is low! Yes, i may use the tripod, but it's not very convenient most of the time!

But i decided not to rush because i'm very sure my dad wouldn't be please in hearing the idea of a new camera. Hehe. For the moment, i shall just explore the other features of the camera.

So yeah, i was browsing through this article and it was pretty interesting. The explanations and examples in metaphors, not bad, overall. What caught my attention most was this one picture that was displayed at the shutter speed section. It took my breath away.

Snapshot by Konaboy

Amazing shot isn't it?? The original size is 1000x1000. Not very large, but nevermind about that.

Check out its fine details of the splash! So full of life! One shot that perhaps i will manage to take in a million years!!


Monday, August 25, 2008

SMC Chess Club T-shirt '08

Yes! I have finally receive my school t-shirt today! It is the t-shirt of the SMK Convent, Ipoh Chess Club. I am so very happy!

"Me wearing it!"

It's a black baby-t with silver printings. There is a couple of buttons at the front and has a classical t-shirt collar.

"The back of the shirt"

This is the first, the very first! I have attempted twice before this a few years ago - was rejected. Now, behold! My very first!

"Have a closer look"

I know, it's not something amazing, but i just can't help feelin' excited about this. I mean, having failed twice, draining away all the hard work, i think i am pretty much contented right now.

"The front; something like a logo perhaps."

Of course, even a simple design like this has a complicated process in between. At least now i have more confidence in designing a new one; as i now know what to expect, what to face and what to prepare. Despite the datelines that drew me to the state of tension and stress, i do cherish it all.

"Look look! My name on the left sleeve!"

Now i'd like to try designing a colored t-shirt. I hope it will be as good, or maybe better!

Floral Snapshots VIII

According to mum, this is called the "Flower Purse" in cantonese. It costs less than 10bucks in JJ.

I've never thought that they could plant stuffs in shells. Very thoughtful of 'em!

There's a little crack at the bottom to make way for the water to flow out.

There! A last shot from me for today! I really like this plant. I find it to be rather cute. Good day!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Floral Snapshots VII

I think the only way to get the opportunity of snapping pictures is waking up early in the morning. Gulps. This one's taken at 8.00a.m. when the sun has not popped out.

Yup, it has rained before that's why the leaves are a little damp. Because of that, i feel refreshed myself. Hmm... some leaves are blurred while some are very clear. I wonder why.

This one's just outside of the house. Near the neighbour's territory. I don't really like the sight of the gate at the back. Kills all the natural feel. Bah! Good thang it's all blurred up.

Also outside of the house, this plant stands. This picture's a kinda messy. No idea how to improve it, actually.

This one falls under my favourite-shot group. This flower's kinda hard to reach, not to mention that there were thorns and it was kinda wet also.

I don't know about you, but i feel something special from this picture. Can't get to express it though. Why not you tell me?

By the way, i heard my dad says that a friend of his takes similar shots like these from the jungle/forest. He then sells them. I wonder whether i can do the same?? But how? *wonders*

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Floral Snapshots VI

Before the sun forbids, i took some snapshots of mum's floral babies. It was much fun because it rained earlier, leaving behind some dampness on the plants. I specially like raindrops. No idea why but i could feel the coolness whenever i stare into it.

Not so easy to get a right angle for this one. As you can see, it is tilted slightly to one side. There were other plants that seemed to bulge into the picture also. Pushing 'em aside, I attempted on it anyways.

The actual color of this little plant here isn't as bright as this. Perhaps it's the light that shone the seemingly unexpressed colors in it? Neh, maybe it's just me. By the way, this plant's barely the size of a twenty cent coin. *winks*

The bougainvillea. Not many have taken notice of this species. Why? Because it's everywhere and nothing special. But it's time to take a closer look. So far this is the only flower that i've seen having flowers in it. Flowers in a flower.

Before i retreated, mum showed me a flower that was almost crunched by dad's car. I call it, "Beautiful Dying Flower."

Signing off.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Out of The House

I can finally step out of my house and have a day of my own after 6 days of no where to go! Went out with JuEan today and i almost drained all the energy outta me! Pooh!

To start of with, the day was cooling. The sun wasn't up yet and there is only one thing to do, which is to take an advantage! Batteries, checked. SD card, checked. Targets, checked. Ready to shoot for the day!

The focus was placed on the fore-most flower. But somehow the others are blurred.

Second shot. I actually wanted to focus on the flower with the water drop. So i'm not so sure whether having the others in a blurry state is right or not.

So i moved on to just a single flower instead. And there were water drops too, tiny ones!

The sun has then arisen and i couldn't do anything else but retreat.

Went to Tesco, wanting for a haircut at first. But the hairstylist wasn't there. And so we went to JJ for a short walk - but not for long 'cause we decided to watch a movie instead. "Meet Dave" became our movie selection, even though we were already 20minutes late. We enjoyed the movie anyways. Solutes to Eddie Murphy!
A brilliant show it is.

We walked back to Tesco and had our hair styled accordingly. Contented, we called the cab and went off to parade; in hunt of a new sling bag for JuEan and a new purse and a watch for myself.
It was nine bucks. Didn't bother much though, not that it's not expensive. We just accept the fact that taxi drivers have to earn a living too.

I bought my 3rd manga for the month. So lucky to get it since it's drawn by one of my favourite shoujo manga artist! No objections from JuEan this time. Woots! Went to almost every stall that we had bags which were not made of PVC, but none were suitable. I was as desperate as her in finding a new wallet. She relented and gave up in searching.

We went back to the ground floor and saw discounts from B.U.M. Got ourselves a necklace each and cheered up. Then we decided to kill time by walking up and down, going through every purse that were displayed. Went to the same floors again and again. Pooh! It all came to a halt when i finally found the purse that's right for me. Kinda pricey actually, but nevermind - it's once and for all.

Headed home, and i felt like i broke my lower limbs! No new time-displayer for me, but nevermind. Most of the items in my shopping list are checked anyways.
Tiring out!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tagging Bullet III

Sometimes, answering tags can be kinda fun. Since what's given are silly questions, can't help providing silly answers as well. But to be frank, it can be pretty annoying at times.

1.what is your favourite chocolate?

Those with low sugar and more cocoa, slightly holding the sweetness in it.

2.what is your 3 favourite colour?
White, Black, Blue.

3.who is the last person you talked to?
In person; my mum.

4.who is the last person you messaged?

5.who was the first person you talked to when you woke up today?
My mum.

6.who is the first person you messaged when you woke up today?
My phone was still asleep. Lol. many messages you received when you woke up today?

8.who messaged you when you woke up today?
No messages, therefore from no one.

9.who do you wanna talk to now?
My bed. Snores.

10.who do you wanna see right now?
My pillow.

11.why do u wanna see that person now?
Because i'm having heavy eyelids.

12.what relationship do you have with that person you wanna see now?
My bus to slumber land.

13.if you could hug someone now, who will it be?
My pillow. Lol. In the case of a person; i ain't tellin'.

14.what are you doing now?
Hanging on to this tag - with annoyance.

15.what colour shirt are you wearing now?
White, mainly.

16.are you attached?
Relationships, no. Friends, plenty.

17.anyone you like?
Nope. No 'like's for the moment. Admiration perhaps?

18.who do you like?

19.what phone are you using?
Samsung SGH-X820 much money do you have in ur wallet now?
5 bucks and a few cents.

21.what do you love looking at?
Colors. And my computer screen.

22.who is the last guy you hugged?
Hmm.. Uncle Murray? Lol.

23.if you can choose to do something now, what would you do?
Migrate, away to the neighbouring lands. are you feeling now?
Drowsy. Annoyed, rather. Snores.

25.if u can turn back time 3 times, where will it be?
- Kindergarden. *oh, the nostalgic feeling*
- 3year old child. You never have to worry about anything but the cane.
- My parent's wedding. A zero chance of my lifetime.

26.who are you thinking of?
Myself. Sleeping.

27.what are the 3 things you want to forget?
- My friends' faults. (have already forgotten - didn't attempt on storing them anyways.)
- My name? Lol. Wonder how would things flow after that.
- My unwanted and unexpected pain.

28.who makes you happy?
Who you ask? My friends of course. Most of all, my parents.

29.what is next to you?
My phone, camera, mouse.

30.last show you watched?
The news? *shrugs* many people are you talking to now?
No one. Just chatting.

32.if you can change something in your life, what will it be?
My bad habits. you have pets?
Had some.

34.what do you feel like eating now?
Eating up my school days.

35.who are the 7 people you tag?
Zzz... [i shall skip this question]

Bleach OP6 - Alones [Aqua Timez]

This song is shared by a friend of mine, Julian (thanks ya!), and i fell in love with it. Didn't really catch my attention at first until i inserted it into my mp3. As the songs are all in alphabethically arranged, this song played first. It made me change the play mode to 'repeat current track'. Lol.

折れた淡い翼 君は少し 青すぎる空に疲れただけさ

Oreta awai tsubasa kimi wa sukoshi aosugiru sora ni tsukareta dake sa
もう誰かのためじゃなくて 自分のために笑っていいよ
Mou dareka no tame ja na kute Jibun no tame ni waratte ii yo
依然として忍び寄る孤独 内側に灯るローソク
Izen to shite shinobi yoru kodoku uchigawa ni tomoru roosoku
賑わうパーティー 豪華なシャンデリアとは裏腹に
Nigiwau paatii Gouka na shandaria to ha urahara ni
足りない言葉の 窪みを何で埋めたらいいんだろう
Tari nai kotoba no kobomi wo nani de umetara iin darou
Mou wakara nai yo
せめて夢の中で自由に泳げたら あんな空もいらないのに
Semete yume no naka de jiyuu ni oyogetara anna sora mo iranai no ni
昨日までのことを塗り潰さなくても 明日に向かえるのに
Kinou made no koto wo nuritsubu na kute mo asu ni mukaeru no ni

折れた淡い翼 君は少し 青すぎる空に疲れただけさ
Oreta awai tsubasa kimi ha sukoshi aosugiru sora ni tsukareta dake sa
もう誰かのためじゃなくて 自分のために笑っていいよ
Mou dareka no tame ja nakute Jibun no tame ni waratte ii yo

劣等感との和解は 簡単には叶わないさ
Rettoukan to no wakai wa kantan ni ha kanawa nai sa
Jiishiki no teppen ni isuwaru kagami ga utsusu hanabira
振り絞るように 汚れた愛を叫んでみるけれど
Furi shiboru you ni Yogore ai wo saken de miru keredo
Modoka shikute
巡る時の中で 傷口はやがて かさぶたに変わってゆく
Meguru toki no nake de kizuguchi wa yagate kasabuta ni kawatte yuku
君はそれを待たず とても美しく とても儚げで…
Kimi ha sore wo matazu tote mo utsukushiku
tote mo hakanage de

剥がれ落ちた痕の産毛のように 陽だまりの中で震える祈り
Hagareru ochita ato no ubuge no you ni hidamari no nake de furueru inori

今は無理に 誰かの事を愛そうと思わなくていいのに
Ima ha muri ni dareka no koto wo aisouto omowa na kute ii no ni

時にこの世界は 上を向いて歩くには 少し眩しすぎるね
Toki ni kono sekai wa ue wo mukai te aruku ni wa sukoshi mabushi sugiru ne
沈むように 目を伏せると 渇いた地面が涙をすする
Shizumu you ni me wo fuseru to katsuita jimen ga namida wo susuru

Why do We feel so alone anytime?
Subete wo uketome na kute mo ii yo

Why do We feel so alone anytime?
Koraeru koto dake ga yuuki ja nai

Sadly, i do know know Japanese, so i went fishing for the translations and walah! Behold, the translations of Alones. Smiles.

Your broken, fragile wings
were for a short time
tired by the endless blue sky, that's all
It's okay not to laugh for someone else
and merely for yourself

Solitude penetrates the inside
A candle stays on
It's not right to have such an expensive chandelier in this chaos
Can those few words...
Bury this depression and make it okay?
It's too late to know.

At least within your dreams
You don't need that sky to swim freely
And as far as yesterday's affair,
Even without good wings, tomorrow I'll greet you.

Your broken, fragile wings
were for a short time
tired by the endless blue sky, that's all
It's okay not to laugh for someone else
and merely for yourself

Though not the whole song was translated, i think this much is enough. Enough to understand the mind of the writer when her wrote this song. Nice one, it is!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ASHR Ceremony

A couple of days ago, the sun decided to take a break and poured down his dampness to the drying earth. Very merciful it was.

Anyways, i was trying to get some snapshots of the raindrops or something, but failed. Maybe i wasn't skilled enough or it's my camera that is not powerful enough? Heh. And i ended up shivering all over.

My goosebumps!

Anyways, the postman stopped by and dropped in a letter into the letter box. Made me rush out, with an umbrella of course, to get it. Even caught some moss on my arms. Eeks!

Whaddya know, it's an invitation from KUMON. Yay! I'm going to the ASHR ceremony once again; the Advanced Students Honour Roll Ceremony.

Which means i'll be going to Berjaya Times Square Convention Centre, Manhattan Ballroom at 2nd November! Woots!

Will be looking forward to it! Then on the 4th i'll be heading to Camerons for the Annual Camp! Oh, how exciting! I'm sure to take loads of pictures!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Floral Snapshots V

Had nothing else but the eagerness to take more snapshots with my camera, i went outside towards my mum's garden. Sadly, it was a sunny day and i'm no good in snapping under sunlight. Still, i was hungry for more snapshots. So i walked towards the shadier part of the garden. Nothing interesting. I lifted up some tiles, thinking that i might get some bugs but, nope, nobody's home underneath.

So no bugs for today and back to plants. Lol. Seeing the fact that i have almost promoted all of mum's plants, i decided to change a lil. Instead of just snapping the plants, why not fiddle about with the angle-of-shot?

This picture was taken when the tile was lifted. Notice that one half of the leaves are like white? Nope, i was sure that the sun didn't hit it, but somehow................ !? Oh well, i took another shot anyways. This time, aiming towards the part that the tile was shading.

Still not so nice. Sobs. I wanted the blurry effect on the back, like the one from yesterday's post, but...?! Perhaps i should try again in a fair day.

Monday, August 18, 2008

NGI Contest III

The Nuffnang Gift Ideas contest is organized in part by the RealMart online merchandise store, and promises to test the creative thinking and wit of those who choose to participate.

Another idea came to me. This time, it's for all of my fellow friends; especially students.

I have always wanted a headphone that's comfortable to wear. As i am a music lover, i then to cling onto my mp3 for almost half a day. In the end, i would feel the pain in my ear. Not because i've blasted the music too loud.

My Creative MuVo TX FM 256mb

It's because of the earphones. They can be kinda unbearable sometimes, destroying the mood sometimes.

Sometimes, i need music when i do my studies but i can't switch on my radio - because my mum is always doing something which prevents me from bringing the beat to life. So i have to settle with my mp3 and painful earplugs. Sigh.

That's why i chose this amazing gadget!

TDK Headset ST-PR300 -black - ST-PR300

Semi-Pro Hi-Fi Studio Headphone, studio quality sound, Swivel ear cups for DJ applications, adjustable cushioned headband for maximum comfort with in-line volume control, gold plated 3.5mm plug with 6.3mm stereo adaptor and 2.7m cord length, 40mm driver, 103dB of sensitivity and 20-20kHz range of clarity.

Besides that, even without music, this thing will work in another way as well.

If i had this gadget, i would surely have a peaceful study for life! Toodles all.

NGI Contest II.

The Nuffnang Gift Ideas contest is organized in part by the RealMart online merchandise store, and promises to test the creative thinking and wit of those who choose to participate.

I have this friend of mine who has loads of friends, cyber friends from all over the world. The thought of him gave me the idea of presenting him this gift!

Edu Toys 28cm Political Globe - G2807

With this gadget he'll be able to flag all his friends onto it; different colored flags for different people, with short descriptions of each of them. And at the end of it, he can be proud of it!

Now, lets just hope the globe can take in sharp object~
For sifu!

Insects and Bugs II

I had just finished lunch when i saw this little guy here a few days back. Steady and still it stood on the dustpan in the kitchen, as if he's some sort a secret spy or something. It gladly became my model of the day. Haha. Therefore, stole a few snapshots of it.

The view from the top.

The back-side view.

And the side view.

I had to almost put my camera on the dustpan to get this shot. And i could feel that the bug was a little threatened. Hehe. 'Cause it broke it's stillness and moved a little. Seeing that it was steady again, i decided to take one more last shot. This time, making use of the greenish background.

Walah! I liked this one. The way it stands makes it look so majestic. Don't you think so? Too bad the picture can't be any bigger. If not, you could really see the color on it's firm body. Really a beauty!

Another picture here taken was this unexpected visitor that came to stay for the night. I didn't expect it to stay still, actually because i thought these creatures were rather sensitive or something like that. The picture is a little tiny bit blurry but still clear enough to see the finest on its wings.

And what do you know, it stood on the right stuff. Lol. It's my dad's Sony Ericsson handsfree(?) i think.


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