Friday, July 4, 2008

Youth Camp Candid

Wow, didn't know Uncle Lucas was doing all the candids with his video cam. Oh wells, i look really stupid in some. Laughed out loud myself. But no worries, i ain't gonna post those here. Heeh~

Just had dinner. And while waiting we chatted.

Some jokes were kinda what-the-heck.

While others were hilarious. XD

Laughed til i forgot to close my jaws.

So we decided to play a game.

And it was funny also.

Then there was the main course of the camp.

With funny side dishes. Lol.

After that was group work.

No doubt, it was funny too.

The whole camp was so funny, really. It's just impossible for me to NOT enjoy myself. Haha. Now, i'm looking forward to the Annual Camp. I think it should be in Camerons this year.

Pooh. Ain't gonna like the travelling.

Sigh. Toodles.

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