Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sensei Meets Royal Highness.

Me, the Permaisuri-to-be of god-knows-where, was among my fellow citizens. I approached as one of the ministers, doing my duties while veiling my secret royal identity.

My sensei, a fair one, spoke with least solemn appearance; seemed slightly different compared with the times she spent with us in the dungeons (class).
She announced my marks, and my weak most subjects were made known. How very disgraceful, i felt.

My dad hadn't any comments on the marks. Probably because i hadn't any failing battles on any of the fields, except for the surprising number of soldiers left in the field of moral. Heh~
He just asked if i were to begin my kingdom in the Arts field, what route was necessary for me to take. And my sensei recommended the 'Seni Visual' battlefield, which, according to her, would illuminate the route ahead of me.

" N O ! "

Already so many soldiers died in Accounts and Economics, how can i survive in Visual Arts?? Moreover, the soldiers in Visual Arts are all Malay spoken (as in the subject is taught in malay), the language which i have the least interest in mastering.

I ain't no demigod!

"I do not vie for the top position, but it doesn't make me vulnerable."

Wailing for mañana.


1, 140, 000 results. On my name. Heh.

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