Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Report of TNS

What is wrong with teachers these days i wonder. They keep getting the wrong names of which is which (or rather who is who?).

Today i've encountered another name-change by my Malay Sensei. My name, Mei Theng, as you all know is a Chinese name. 'Mei' basically means beautiful, or haven't /not yet in Cantonese (i think). 'Theng' means stop(?) in Cantonese - maybe it's not but it sounds similar with the 'stop' in Cantonese.

Anyways, getting back to what irritated my poor nerves. My Malay Sensei seems to love calling one's name. No, i have no objections to that. But the problem is, she can hardly get the names right. This is the report, recorded since a few days back:

Report of TNS (Teacher's Naming Syndrome)
  1. Called Moo Yoke Mei as Mei Theng.
  2. Called Meng Foong as Mei Theng.
  3. Called out Amelia's name for over 20 times.
  4. Called Moo Yoke Mei as Mei Yoke.
  5. Called me as Mei Tong!

Evaluate with the given 'formula'

Mei = Beautiful (mandarin) / haven't / not yet (Cantonese)
Tong = barrel (Malay) / Sound of a gong (Malay)

Mei + Tong = Beautiful Barrel

Mei + Tong = Beautiful Sound of a Gong

Thus, my facetious Malay Sensei called me a Beautiful Barrel = Beautiful Sound of a Gong. WHAT THE CRAP!



I have finally done
my English KUMON completion test.
The results should be out by this week.
Pray that i'd pass.

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