Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photo Back.

Yes, it was last year that i boldly took the step of cutting my hair short. And now, after a 12 month period, i do miss it a little.

This was my first edited picture.
Not much length there on my scalp, but well, it was better than being overloaded.

The process of mitosis continued on, having my fringe to play nuisance.
It was beginning to get annoying, actually, not to mention that it made me look like a one-eyed monster.

After trimming off the front, the back ones joined in the race.
No, i didn't snip it off - just binded them all up in one bunch.

Right after PMR, I decided to do myself as act of justice; by trimming my hair off - front and back.

Got pretty active after that.
Nothing much that's a bothering my face.
No tying needed. Less shampoo. Fast drying.
Leisure! Bien!

But my easy-to-handle hair didn't stay long.
It bid me goodbye as it was invaded by a longer species.
Heat. Sweat. More shampoo.
Ahh. All the usual routines were back!

This year, decided not to put a death sentence anymore. Just some layering here and there, and did something different also. I've requested to have half of my hair to be short, while the other half; long. Was most delighted.

This didn't stop me from tying it. Thank goodness.

For now, maybe i'll try having long hair and see how it goes. Adieu, see how long can it go.

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