Sunday, July 13, 2008

Needing a New Hairstyle.

Sunday, the first time i wore my heels outdoors - to church. Wasn't at all pleasant but oh well, i should get used to it soon.

SGH-X820: 2.0megapixels
Night scene mode

Has been some time now that i last took a picture of myself. Lol.

I noticed that i need a haircut. Felt tremendously heaty today and beads of sweat seemed to rush out of my forehead real quickly. Worst of all i forgot to bring along my scrunchy! Argh. I need a haircut!

Neh, this wouldn't suit me.

Definitely NOT this one!

(Click to enlarge pictures)Maybe one of these?? sigh. Can't decide yet.

I need a haircut! Kickin' off.

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