Friday, July 4, 2008

My English Sensei.

Today's a Friday, the day i have looked forward to since Monday.
Didn't pay much attention in class today; did most of yesterday's homework instead.

It was English when i have completed all my homework. Mr Gee was doing his usual stuffs in my dungeon; talking crap that makes sense (?). Anyways, to not cause any schtuck or to snooze off in class, i've decided to do something else instead. A brilliant act of self-amusement : sketching Mr Gee. Hehe.

I turned him into a cartoon character as he continues his never-ending episodes of crap. No offense, but i do think i've done quite a good job - seeing that it really kinda look like him.

Mr Gee, my English sensei.

Mr Gee, and his never ending episodes of crap.

Care to drop some missile(s) /comment(s)?
Many thanks.

By the way, i find my BM teacher to be somewhat weird. It's like she's from the village or something like that; innocent?(nope). ignorant?(not really). naive?(caution!). The probability of me being wrong about it is a 100%; but still it wouldn't change the fact in Mabel's encyclopedia that this Puan Salina is all about the weirds. Shrugs.

t. t. f. n.

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