Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mum's Flora Babies

Nope, they ain't my brother and sisters.
Which means that i'm not one of them.

Nope, they are not blood sucking plants.
Which means i don't have the green's blood in me.

Nope, they don't come from my mum's womb.

But i do.

Nope, I'm not as pretty as them.
They are more photogenic.

Presenting, the babies (snapshots by mabel low) :

Flower of the Envious Color. Great tone(?)

Some plastic-like Chinese-like flowers.

Fake-like leafy after bath.

White and pink topped with the blue sky.

A closer look at White's beauty.

One ugly baby.

The fiery trumpet babies. Hoho.

The leaf born with the wrong color. Heh.

The leaf born with the right color. Hehe. Mini papaya leaf.

Freckled as source of beauty; Orchid.

Photographing plants is so much fun! And no trouble at all. Why? They wouldn't move. *winks*
Their static beauty do inspire me. Though they may not move, they still appear so beautifully.
Moreover, there is no such need of photo-touching these fine pictures. Just a lil cropping did the job of perfection.

Anyways, photography still can't beat graphic designing.


Yesterday's Event in School

S i g n i n g o f f .

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