Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ms Lau vs. The Landlady

English literature has been erm, somewhat, 'fun' i guess - ignoring the fact that my teacher always 'ponteng' our class. But well, can't blame her. I can understand her overloaded(?) duties due to her position as the discipline teacher. Pifts. Ms Lau's her tag.

Anyways, nevermind about that. Something rather, shall i say, silly(?) came across my mind suddenly.

In Literature, we studied about a short story: "The Landlady" by Roald Dahl. There's a particular character in this story that i've used to make a comparison with my teacher. Hehe.
The name of the female character is not specified, thus creating a mysterious sense about her. She is described to be friendly outwardly; having a round pink face and very gentle blue eyes - warmth and security.

"She seemed terribly nice. She looked exactly like the mother of one's best school-friend welcoming one into the house to stay for the Christmas holidays..."

One would never have thought that she, in fact, is a serial killer; masking her evil intentions with innocence and politeness.

What about Ms Lau? Alright. Ms Lau doesn't have a round pink face or gentle blue eyes. She is rather pale skinned, and has eyes as cool as the iceberg of the pole. Her speech is not at all 'gentle'. There is a sense of strictness and sharpness in her talks; sometimes even a cut in the heart. Gulps.
I never feel good around her before. Makes me feel like a berk.
Especially when i got back my English Literature paper. I was crestfallen.

But looking at the brighter side of Ms Lau, she's not a serial killer (though sometimes she may look like one). LOL. She IS sometimes very jovial. Her looks that resembles the wrath of Neptune could simply be a tool that she uses to cover her tender heart.

Ms. Lau, You're a great teacher!

Now i've gotta pray hard that she doesn't read this until i graduate from high school. Spiffing - spinning off.

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