Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MabelArtWork : Makeover

Dad has finally bought me the Adobe Photoshop CS3. Hadn't really had the chance to explore it yet so i just stick to my old one; Ulead PhotoImpact 11. Explored it a little and discovered some new tools that i hadn't tried before. It's existence was revealed to me only when i was browsing a tutorial on the Adobe Photoshop. Didn't know PhotoImpact had the same sort of tool, but not as efficient as Adobe's.

Kickin' off, i randomly picked a raw picture. Not really my latest snapshot, but oh well, who cares.

This one's taken with the SGH-X820 2.0 megapixel camera. Please pardon the imperfections. The quality isn't as good as the cheapest camera, but is good enough to give a vivid picture. The skin turned out to be yellowishly pale. Even the color of my blouse had drained out.

This picture looked like it has been under the sun for years. Luckily, the reflections on both the eyes seemed to save the picture from going into the waste (i guess?).

It does need some editing to bring out the 'life' in it. Here goes.

Changed the color of my skin to the somewhat fairer sort. A little to pale in my opinion, though. My lips got paler after the change; as if it had merged into the skin. Gave it some touch of color and glistened my eyes a little. As i had always wanted silky black eyes, the glistening seem to have polished it; hiding every brown detail in it. It's as if i wore contact lenses.

Touched up the color of my blouse and gave some life to my pale cheeks after hiding some impurities on the face; as in pimples. "Burnt"(?) my eyelids, that's why it had the eye liner effect.

Had some difficulties on the cheek as one side of the face is darker than the other. Wasn't easy balancing it and avoiding the fake-color-on mode. But i managed it anyways.

Lastly was the background and the frame. And then my signature mabelartwork.

I am quite satisfied with my first successful artwork of a makeover (which i have tried and failed before) and from here i can conclude a few things.
Firstly, the product may not be as good because i am still not skilled enough...?
Secondly, the product may not be as good because makeups are not allies to my face...?

Oh well, i'm glad i finished it. cheers!

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