Monday, July 21, 2008

MabelArtWork : Express

Hmm... Let's see. It has been almost two months since i last edited a picture. Thought of stopping til the end of the year until dad, after he discovered my ambition, kinda like urge me to do more (indirectly). Heh. So i guess my skills now kinda rot a lil, bringing down my performance rate.
A reason why i halted doing this was either because i was lazy to take pictures, or my inspiration/ideas ran dry. Whatever it is, i'm just glad that my familiarity of the digital brushes are still as fresh.

I actually intended to give out a critical / negative message in this picture, like :
  • KEEP OFF - your lies disgust me.
  • TAKE BACK - your subtleties are not amusing.
  • STAY OUT - you do not know me.
But then i terminated those ideas, for it may give a wrong reflection of myself. I had a friend who actually thought i am having a boyfriend after i posted a certain artwork of mind. Lol.
See how loud art speaks.

Anyways, coming back to the picture, i'm sure there is no need for any explaination. If there is such need, i should just delete it - seeing that it is dumb and no message can be sent. Excuse the plumness that is present, if you know what i mean.
Sudah fat. . .

Whooshin' off.

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