Thursday, July 10, 2008

KUMON English Completion Test

Yesterday, as i have written before, i took the KUMON English Completion Test. I really really thought that i would fail since the passing marks is 70%. I thought my results would be a few steps away from the passing point.
Even if i do pass, i was quite sure that i wouldn't do well; getting only a few points above the red line.

10July08, Uncle Kenny, my KUMON instructor, called me. I was wondering why at first.
I actually have forgotten that i took the test, thus didn't expect him to talk about it.

The guy who brought the papers down all the way from KL said that the results should be out by this week, and i thought that i'd get it at the end of this week. But whad'ya know, the day was today.

The line wasn't really good so i had to run outside. My heart pounded. I could hardly give any response to him. Confirming that he could hear me, Uncle Kenny began. A couple of blah blahs and tada; the results!
I had 80% of expectation in receiving a bad news; and 20% saying that i do not have to re-sit the paper.

"Congratulations Mei Theng. You passed."

These words gave me the relieves of my forgotten worries. But the was more, and these results shocked me!

"You did very well. You scored 98%. I'm so proud of you."

WOOTS! I screamed and jumped and rolled on the floor! I couldn't help it but woke my mum from her peaceful sleep! I wanted to bang my head on the floor out of disbelief! Man!

"You scored 98%."
"You scored 98%."
"You scored 98%."
"You scored 98%."
"You scored 98%."

I am contented!

Signing off with tears of joy ;'-]


Anonymous said...

Were the questions difficult? What mostly came out?

Zhi Xuan said...

How is the English completor's test? Do they just test us on direct material in our completed worksheets of level J, K, and L?

Mabel Low said...

At the time when i took the test, they took questions directly from the completed levels of worksheets as you mentioned. So i just revised those ones. Not sure if they have changed the system now...

Mabel Low said...

I dont think i remember anymore 😅


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