Friday, July 11, 2008

Graphic Design Gallery

I managed to dig out some art director's artwork in Flickr; a great site for photo sharing. There were many many finely designed works, but these are some of the pictures that took the breath outa me!

I could imagine if the reflection of the buildings were to be the modern type, it would have been even greater. But the way the designer harmonizes the colours with the setting is impressive!

This somewhat illustrates a city on the clouds. It seems more modern than the previous picture; having the futuristic feel. Another great picture. The moon probably represents mystery; though i'd prefer it better without. The birds gives a sense of being free.

Ah, this one's very imaginative! The purple and blue aura did a great job in the attraction of attention. This picture gives some sort of an impression; especially the crows and the aura. The aura seems to me to be representing goodness, whereas the crows evil. What do you think?

Glamorous! The effects were successful in enlightening the whole picture, despite the fact that the model isn't perfectly beautiful. Any simple girl could be the model for this picture as long as there is some touch of graphic editing. Lovely.

Another great photo edit. Now this picture needs skilled models and skilled photographer. Of course, not forgetting a professional graphic designer. The product of all these is a perfect picture. Smiles!

Now you know why i have chosen the path of the arts field?
It's more meaningful to show off one's artworks than the show off one's inner self.
No one can be perfect, but artworks can.

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