Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dish in a bowl : Cheese Spaghetti

Today's dish in my bowl : Cheese Spaghetti.


1. Oregano - giving flavor to my weekends
20'07'08, watched The Dark Knight *official site. It was awesome. Credits to Heath Ledger (RIP), though he freaked me out a lil, but solutes to his act well done as the Joker. *claps*

2. Cheese! - the fats that feeds my lust
'Fatal Chaos : 4th attack' by Ben is finally out! Woohoo! Though i've been restricted to buy only one comic a month, i didn't bother to think twice in breaking it! sorry juean Hehe. Finished the book in a day or so. The strokes were great. The angles. Dimensions. The finess. Overall, iLove his art! Sad to know that he has already left Gempak. sobs.

3. Unleavened dough - it all starts from the beginning
Woodwind is so nice to play. Or rather, to blow? Yes, i have finally got the chance to learn the flute. It wasn't as tough as i thought, only more emphasis on the mouth muscles is needed. Much breath is required also it seems. My first blow gave me the spins, got me dizzy all over. Pooh!

4. Eggs - a little slimy
Almost slipped in being sentimental. Was so tempted to return to the slashing-of-the-heart with poetry; which i have once put a halt to. Didn't know where did all those thoughts came from. It almost feels like it's not from me. Nothing of the bereft sort though. Just some about The Loh. winks .

5. Mushrooms - oh fungus
My days in school are currently nothing but boredom. It's rotting the mushrooms outa me! Nevermind my delight of having no homework, but i do wish to escape from these bores! Oh fungus!!!

6. Sugar and pepper - slight delight and slight spice
Yay! I am so gonna be free this Saturday - no school activity for me. Moreover, no badminton training also. But then, gotta play the piano for sister's meeting that night. Heh. Which means the whole morning will be spent by hitting the keys! Nevermind.

7. Basil - smells good
Wee! Didn't know my big feet could find it's mate in sales. Managed to grab hold of a size10 evening sandle (3inch) and pink heel of the same measure. Got myself a pair of running shoes too. Am so dang glad that my feet aren't the biggest. The salelady said she has seen ladies with size 12 feet!

8. Tomatoes - take that! *smashes*crushes*
It's The Loh. Being currently the main topic of the week, i've put her in the main ingredient of the dish. I know i know, you may just say whatever to what she's doing now but heck, as a fellow student of MC, i do care with what's happening! Nevermind her uneven structures of her body, but what's with the unevenness in her moral values? Does she know that the word 'respect' exists? Oh tomatoes! Why let people taste your sourness when you can be made sweet. Squashes!

9. Olive oil - healthy healthy
Finally finished Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Finished it in a week or so - out of six months. Hehe. Borrowed from Steph since February. Slow reader, i am. Plan to wrap it and give her back as a Belated Birthday present (her b'day was only 3days ago). Hoho! Overall the story is great! How very sweet is Mr. Darcy towards Elizabeth Bennet. I could almost imagine it to be a play rolling as i glance through every word. Loves.

Whatsoever, i'm still enjoying my Cheese Spaghetti.

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