Friday, June 20, 2008

What's The Name Again?

Hmm... I still have the sluggish holiday moods, actually.
Could barely hold on to myself in school lately. Heh~

Good thing i have a really exciting (?) tablemate. Lol.
Out of no where, we suddenly had some really crazy looney ideas. Haha.
Let me share them to you. *Smiles*

Have you ever thought that if you had a twin, that may or may not look exactly the same as you, what will be his/her name?
What if both of you had western blood and looks exactly alike except for the eyes; one's blue while the other's olive green! Ain't it just sweet~

Let say one has blue eyes while the other has reddish eyes (something like albino?).
The names may be Nam Nam (blue blue) and Hung Hung (red red).
Lee Nam Nam. Lee Hung Hung.
Bleu Lee Nam Nam. :D

Speaking of names, i've just thought of something. This is a situation where one is talking to a lawyer.
"What should i address you?"
"Ms. lorh"
"Oh? As in the L-A-U?"
"No, it's lorh"
"No. It's L-A-W"
"My last name is 'Yer'. You can call me Ms Law Yer. "

Hehe. Ching Law Yer. Chan Law Yer.
How bout Lei Law Yer?
What if we give it a little twist?

"Hey. My name is Lei Law Yao."

Hehe. TTFN!
*Sneaks off*

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