Sunday, June 29, 2008

Upcoming Saturday.

Free admission.
Wear suitable attire for games.
Also bring extra clothings.
Dinner provided.

Wo0ts! I'm so excited! There'll be a Youth Gospel Nite coming up this Saturday!
It should be fun, just like last year's.

I'm still in-charge of the invitation cards and i really did enjoy making them. Good thing i'm given the liberty to decorate and design them, otherwise making a one with no color and limited designs would be a bore.

I'm also involve in a short sketch (heh~!). Ms. Leong is my act. I was really really glad that my part is a very small part, though it's not as easy as the bystander's part, still it's small enough.
I just have to voice out 3 to 4 times. That's like my shortest script in all of my other involvements in other sketches.
Double woots!

Hmm... I hope they won't be recording/videoing this whole thang. Wouldn't fancy looking at myself in a tape.


Whee! I have decided! I will be taking up Graphic Designing (or maybe Multimedia Designing?). So far my selected college-to-enter is only Raffles. RM25000. 3 Years.
But then have to leave Ipoh. Sobs. Most probably will be going to Kuala Lumpur. The other selected places are S'pore, Australia, etc, which is 100% impossible because of the expenses. If only i can get hold of a scholarship, then it might not be a problem. Oh well, what ever it is, i have only a couple of years more to make my decision.

Graphic designing. Free lancer! Should be fun, seeing the fact that i'm really doing something i enjoy much. Moreover it is more to practical then theorical. Fixed working hours! Moderate pay?
Advertising on webpages, magazines, newspapers, etc. Designing invitations cards, book covers, products (?). It even possible for me to invest into animation/comics through graphic designing! Which means i can even get myself involved in movies; as in designing the templates, wallpapers, posters, and then put them up in cinemas. Walah!

"Mabel&Co". Sounds great right?? SMILES.

But then my dad's a bit worried about the demand and the market and stuffs like that which i don't quite understand. Sigh. He's probably doubting my decision now. Sighs again.

Away, you snippy!

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