Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Killing Marks

Gosh! The exam results are really a shake in the head.
I have a collection of almost all the grades; except for E and G.
Even my proudest subjects can hardly help cover up for the ones i like the least. *sobs*

This heartbreaking moment seems to be slashing my 'cyber-spirits' dead.
Really. The fact that i didn't do good enough really cuts me.
Correction! I didn't do well at all!
(and that's a fact!!?!)

Nevermind about the others.
I don't give a damn whether they have higher marks or not.
The problem is just me.
Man, this 'era' is really completely different from my previous levels.
Really feel like hugging someone REAL TIGHT, as an act of releasing my anxiety.

ps: It is June already!

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