Monday, June 23, 2008

Iced Honey

Ice One
The sweet smile of the honey,
Lured this crushed ice.
Impatient demands
For sweeter honey,
Caused it to melt only on the third day.
It's frozen contents
Were merely enough for
a lasting froze.

Ice Two
One sip of maturity
Glitters the diamonds of this ice.
But this ice was too much
Its mass, that may kill off
The sweetness of the honey.
Thus, it melted outside.

Ice Three
From the frozen cyber world
Came this handsome lil ice.
Playful it was at first,
Until half a calender went by.
Here and there this ice dances
Sings and tickles in honey.
But it's cool waves
Were a long distance away
Only touching the honey
In fantasy.

Ice Four
This cute little ice
Came from a nudging cyber world.
Pinkish it was, a little
And it has a slight touch of sugar.
Never it was in the honey,
For it's pinkishness
Caused it to not dive in.

Ice Five
This is a strong, chilly ice.
Nudging with great force.
Never did it last long,
For it wasn't right for the honey,
And therefore, it just stood outside.
Banging the glass!
The slight scratch on it's surface
Made it scuff away.

Ice Six
This was a rather sharp ice,
One that you'd like to crush it
At the bottom of the glass.
It's empty inside exposed
Touched the heart of the honey.
A little taste of honey
Was filled in the ice.
Devouring on it's sweetness
The ice was pushed away.
Too much it seems
That the honey hard had enough
For it's own survival.

Ice Seven
This was a tiny little ice,
Hopped in with the help
Of another iced honey.
Eager it was
To sip the sweetness content,
But the honey kept it's temperature high.
With a caution sign,
A closer step would mean fatal.

Ice Eight
Is this ice
Or is this water?
I have not known yet.
Smooth was it's surface,
Sweet was it's content.
Is it orange
Or is it lemon?
Could it be the everlasting
Blend to this honey?
Or was it just on it's way
Skipping pass my glass
To another sweet honey.


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