Friday, June 13, 2008

Game Result.

The battle i have done,
Putting spears and swords aside.
I may not have won,
But it's end gave me delight.

A blitz on bitter storms,
Have worn out my brain.
Though there are no thorns,
I do feel the pain.

The pain, i wonder why,
The pain, i wonder what.
What should i apply,
It seemed like a cut.

The results sharp it seems,
Almost like a mental persecution?
There were no traces of beams,
Definitely none of satisfaction.

Hard it is to face it,
Hard it is to show it.
Easy it is to get a fit,
Easy it is, myself i hit.

Oh, how very saddening,
These results of this game.
Oh, it would be depressing,
If my end year is the same.

Adieu, all the best. To me.

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