Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fishy fishy.

Fishy fishy in the pond,
Out of it you swam beyond.
Through the lands and through the sea,
You came to us for a game with plea.

With a racket and a shuttle,
On a free court we played doubles.
Over the net and under it,
Lobs and smashes, made us fit.

The time came so fast it seems,
You fishy fishy left without a mean.
Me and Ju Ean continued our game,
Thinking ourselves to be a little lame.

Fishy fishy you're a guy,
Simply one who's passing by.
When she waved to say goodbye,
You gave a smile that's so sly.

There you come fishing along,
In your head you hum a song.
Asking her number you did casually,
Giving her a shock, so suddenly!

She looked at me, panic already,
I look at her with a smile so steady.
Ten different digits were written down,
And I stood there laughing like a clown.

Fishy fishy weren't you aware?
That you gave lil Ju Ean a little scare.
No reply from her, though so long,
'Cause there's one digit that is wrong.

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