Monday, June 23, 2008

BBQ at Julian's.

Yesterday, there was a BBQ at Julian's place. It was for his brother's belated birthday and almost the whole of the ICC Youths were invited.

I really enjoyed myself much, and i very much LOVE the food; especially the BBQ lamb (Thank you Uncle Anthony!)

We had games after that. I joined in a game of UNO : a modified version.
We played with two deck of UNO cards. The procedure's the same, only thing is that we improvised it a lil, by allowing others to intersect a card or more of the same number. Then the games goes on after the last person intersects. Intersections are only allowed to last for a maximum of 4 second (or less?).
We made it even more interesting by adding a 'dare' to the game. The winner is given the chance to dare the loser (the one with the most cards).

I won 3 times out of dunno how many rounds. Lol.
My first dare was for a guy(opps, don't know his name :S). He is required to hug another guy (Hansel) like a gal. Lol.
My second dare sold off to Ben. He made Joel, who lost, give a brotherly hug to another player (same guy as the one in my first dare).
My third dare was the best! (*sinister laughs*XD)
Why? It's all in this picture :

note: This is just a dare - not gay act. :)

Lols. So sporting lah. He is required to kiss the white shirt guy for 20seconds and the 'scene' has to be taken in a picture.
I think there were 3 camera phones capturing this 'scene'. Joel even captured this with his digital camera by recording it!!! wo0ts!
So now it's not just in 'a' picture. It is in a 'moving' picture. XD

Anyways, we all enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

Mabel says:
Happy B'lated Birthday Joel!

Sorry, Ben. HEHE.

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