Sunday, June 29, 2008

Upcoming Saturday.

Free admission.
Wear suitable attire for games.
Also bring extra clothings.
Dinner provided.

Wo0ts! I'm so excited! There'll be a Youth Gospel Nite coming up this Saturday!
It should be fun, just like last year's.

I'm still in-charge of the invitation cards and i really did enjoy making them. Good thing i'm given the liberty to decorate and design them, otherwise making a one with no color and limited designs would be a bore.

I'm also involve in a short sketch (heh~!). Ms. Leong is my act. I was really really glad that my part is a very small part, though it's not as easy as the bystander's part, still it's small enough.
I just have to voice out 3 to 4 times. That's like my shortest script in all of my other involvements in other sketches.
Double woots!

Hmm... I hope they won't be recording/videoing this whole thang. Wouldn't fancy looking at myself in a tape.


Whee! I have decided! I will be taking up Graphic Designing (or maybe Multimedia Designing?). So far my selected college-to-enter is only Raffles. RM25000. 3 Years.
But then have to leave Ipoh. Sobs. Most probably will be going to Kuala Lumpur. The other selected places are S'pore, Australia, etc, which is 100% impossible because of the expenses. If only i can get hold of a scholarship, then it might not be a problem. Oh well, what ever it is, i have only a couple of years more to make my decision.

Graphic designing. Free lancer! Should be fun, seeing the fact that i'm really doing something i enjoy much. Moreover it is more to practical then theorical. Fixed working hours! Moderate pay?
Advertising on webpages, magazines, newspapers, etc. Designing invitations cards, book covers, products (?). It even possible for me to invest into animation/comics through graphic designing! Which means i can even get myself involved in movies; as in designing the templates, wallpapers, posters, and then put them up in cinemas. Walah!

"Mabel&Co". Sounds great right?? SMILES.

But then my dad's a bit worried about the demand and the market and stuffs like that which i don't quite understand. Sigh. He's probably doubting my decision now. Sighs again.

Away, you snippy!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fishy fishy.

Fishy fishy in the pond,
Out of it you swam beyond.
Through the lands and through the sea,
You came to us for a game with plea.

With a racket and a shuttle,
On a free court we played doubles.
Over the net and under it,
Lobs and smashes, made us fit.

The time came so fast it seems,
You fishy fishy left without a mean.
Me and Ju Ean continued our game,
Thinking ourselves to be a little lame.

Fishy fishy you're a guy,
Simply one who's passing by.
When she waved to say goodbye,
You gave a smile that's so sly.

There you come fishing along,
In your head you hum a song.
Asking her number you did casually,
Giving her a shock, so suddenly!

She looked at me, panic already,
I look at her with a smile so steady.
Ten different digits were written down,
And I stood there laughing like a clown.

Fishy fishy weren't you aware?
That you gave lil Ju Ean a little scare.
No reply from her, though so long,
'Cause there's one digit that is wrong.

Monday, June 23, 2008

BBQ at Julian's.

Yesterday, there was a BBQ at Julian's place. It was for his brother's belated birthday and almost the whole of the ICC Youths were invited.

I really enjoyed myself much, and i very much LOVE the food; especially the BBQ lamb (Thank you Uncle Anthony!)

We had games after that. I joined in a game of UNO : a modified version.
We played with two deck of UNO cards. The procedure's the same, only thing is that we improvised it a lil, by allowing others to intersect a card or more of the same number. Then the games goes on after the last person intersects. Intersections are only allowed to last for a maximum of 4 second (or less?).
We made it even more interesting by adding a 'dare' to the game. The winner is given the chance to dare the loser (the one with the most cards).

I won 3 times out of dunno how many rounds. Lol.
My first dare was for a guy(opps, don't know his name :S). He is required to hug another guy (Hansel) like a gal. Lol.
My second dare sold off to Ben. He made Joel, who lost, give a brotherly hug to another player (same guy as the one in my first dare).
My third dare was the best! (*sinister laughs*XD)
Why? It's all in this picture :

note: This is just a dare - not gay act. :)

Lols. So sporting lah. He is required to kiss the white shirt guy for 20seconds and the 'scene' has to be taken in a picture.
I think there were 3 camera phones capturing this 'scene'. Joel even captured this with his digital camera by recording it!!! wo0ts!
So now it's not just in 'a' picture. It is in a 'moving' picture. XD

Anyways, we all enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

Mabel says:
Happy B'lated Birthday Joel!

Sorry, Ben. HEHE.

Iced Honey

Ice One
The sweet smile of the honey,
Lured this crushed ice.
Impatient demands
For sweeter honey,
Caused it to melt only on the third day.
It's frozen contents
Were merely enough for
a lasting froze.

Ice Two
One sip of maturity
Glitters the diamonds of this ice.
But this ice was too much
Its mass, that may kill off
The sweetness of the honey.
Thus, it melted outside.

Ice Three
From the frozen cyber world
Came this handsome lil ice.
Playful it was at first,
Until half a calender went by.
Here and there this ice dances
Sings and tickles in honey.
But it's cool waves
Were a long distance away
Only touching the honey
In fantasy.

Ice Four
This cute little ice
Came from a nudging cyber world.
Pinkish it was, a little
And it has a slight touch of sugar.
Never it was in the honey,
For it's pinkishness
Caused it to not dive in.

Ice Five
This is a strong, chilly ice.
Nudging with great force.
Never did it last long,
For it wasn't right for the honey,
And therefore, it just stood outside.
Banging the glass!
The slight scratch on it's surface
Made it scuff away.

Ice Six
This was a rather sharp ice,
One that you'd like to crush it
At the bottom of the glass.
It's empty inside exposed
Touched the heart of the honey.
A little taste of honey
Was filled in the ice.
Devouring on it's sweetness
The ice was pushed away.
Too much it seems
That the honey hard had enough
For it's own survival.

Ice Seven
This was a tiny little ice,
Hopped in with the help
Of another iced honey.
Eager it was
To sip the sweetness content,
But the honey kept it's temperature high.
With a caution sign,
A closer step would mean fatal.

Ice Eight
Is this ice
Or is this water?
I have not known yet.
Smooth was it's surface,
Sweet was it's content.
Is it orange
Or is it lemon?
Could it be the everlasting
Blend to this honey?
Or was it just on it's way
Skipping pass my glass
To another sweet honey.


Friday, June 20, 2008

What's The Name Again?

Hmm... I still have the sluggish holiday moods, actually.
Could barely hold on to myself in school lately. Heh~

Good thing i have a really exciting (?) tablemate. Lol.
Out of no where, we suddenly had some really crazy looney ideas. Haha.
Let me share them to you. *Smiles*

Have you ever thought that if you had a twin, that may or may not look exactly the same as you, what will be his/her name?
What if both of you had western blood and looks exactly alike except for the eyes; one's blue while the other's olive green! Ain't it just sweet~

Let say one has blue eyes while the other has reddish eyes (something like albino?).
The names may be Nam Nam (blue blue) and Hung Hung (red red).
Lee Nam Nam. Lee Hung Hung.
Bleu Lee Nam Nam. :D

Speaking of names, i've just thought of something. This is a situation where one is talking to a lawyer.
"What should i address you?"
"Ms. lorh"
"Oh? As in the L-A-U?"
"No, it's lorh"
"No. It's L-A-W"
"My last name is 'Yer'. You can call me Ms Law Yer. "

Hehe. Ching Law Yer. Chan Law Yer.
How bout Lei Law Yer?
What if we give it a little twist?

"Hey. My name is Lei Law Yao."

Hehe. TTFN!
*Sneaks off*

Friday, June 13, 2008

Japanese Child Prodigy

Chopin Valse No.14
Posth in E minor
8 Years Old

My goodness!
So talented!
I mean, even now, considering
how old am i now ( !!/!?!)
i still can't play as well!

So beautifully played.
So filled with expressions.
He's an amazing chibi!!!

Game Result.

The battle i have done,
Putting spears and swords aside.
I may not have won,
But it's end gave me delight.

A blitz on bitter storms,
Have worn out my brain.
Though there are no thorns,
I do feel the pain.

The pain, i wonder why,
The pain, i wonder what.
What should i apply,
It seemed like a cut.

The results sharp it seems,
Almost like a mental persecution?
There were no traces of beams,
Definitely none of satisfaction.

Hard it is to face it,
Hard it is to show it.
Easy it is to get a fit,
Easy it is, myself i hit.

Oh, how very saddening,
These results of this game.
Oh, it would be depressing,
If my end year is the same.

Adieu, all the best. To me.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"But Not For Me"

The Idea Of North
"But Not For Me"
(a capella)

i so love them !
so professional !

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Killing Marks

Gosh! The exam results are really a shake in the head.
I have a collection of almost all the grades; except for E and G.
Even my proudest subjects can hardly help cover up for the ones i like the least. *sobs*

This heartbreaking moment seems to be slashing my 'cyber-spirits' dead.
Really. The fact that i didn't do good enough really cuts me.
Correction! I didn't do well at all!
(and that's a fact!!?!)

Nevermind about the others.
I don't give a damn whether they have higher marks or not.
The problem is just me.
Man, this 'era' is really completely different from my previous levels.
Really feel like hugging someone REAL TIGHT, as an act of releasing my anxiety.

ps: It is June already!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Youth Camp 2008 Video Clip

I've finally managed to complete one of my movie projects. Lol.
Many flaws though, but I hope you'll enjoy this less than 5 minute movie :)

PS: Would be best if you'd let it load - for smoother view.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Ah. I have finally decided.
Yups, i'm back to blogging - something which i've quit doing for a long time now.
I had 3 blogs before this one.
Abandoned. Heeeeh~

Anyways, i hope this one can last long.
I really miss writing, seeing that i don't keep a diary anymore.
Hopefully, I can still play around with words like i used to. :)

ps: I've just realized that this is a great place to post funny pictures.


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